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March 26, 2012
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Your POV---
You awoke to the sound of your alarm, singing at you the acoustic version of "Life is Beautiful" by Sixx A.M.
~Just open your eyes,just open your eyes and see that life is beautiful!
You blinked at the calendar next to your bed. It was Jan. 23. Day 156 without your deployed fiancé by your side. Day 156 of fearing telephone calls and doorbell rings. Day 156 of not knowing if the love of your life would make it home after the war.
You sat up in your bed, lazily walking over to the alarm clock and turning it off. "C'mon..." you grumbled "It's Saturday..." You wanted to go back to bed, but you knew you'd only have more nightmares, so you shuffled into your living room and turned on the news. "It's probably just fundraisers and gas prices. Can't hurt to wa----" The headline of the next story popped up and made your voice catch.
"Camp Anaconda bombed. 38 civilian casualties, 82 soldiers wounded, 23 soldiers dead."
Tears of pure fear began to fill your eyes. Was he okay? That was his camp, was he ok?!
You finally managed to whisper past your fear. "Ludwig...?"

Ludwig's POV---
He awoke to the sound of an alarm, warning that the camp was under attack. Grabbing his AK-47 he jumped out of his cot and waking the other soldiers. "Wake up!!! IT'S A RAID!!!" One of the men rolled over and complained about having a surprise drill so early. There was a loud explosion near the barracks and suddenly, the tent was filled with chaos. The other soldiers rushed past Ludwig and out of the tent. He followed them, making sure no one was left behind. That was when he saw it. One of the privates was just standing and shaking. "W-wha-wha?!" Ludwig cursed as he tried to get the guy to move. "Oi, you! Get moving or you'll be blasted!!!" The kid didn't budge. "Crap!" The German ran at the private and shoved him over as a bomb blasted. Once the rubble settled, the Italian private tried to look for Ludwig. "Sir?!?!" He gulped back bile as he saw how bad the other soldier was injured. "HEEY! SOMEONE PLEASE!!!" He yelled, trying to get help.

Your POV---
It was already 3:42, which meant you had been sitting by the phone nervously for nearly 4 hours, and it was aproximately 9 hours since the bombing. Finally, after all that time, there was a ring. You grabbed the phone panickedly. "Y-yes?! Hello?!?!" There was a slight pause and a sickeningly calm voice began to speak. "You are Miss._____ _____, the fiancé of Sargeant Ludwig Beilschmidt?" "Y-yes... Oh God, is he ok?! What happened?! Is he alright?!?!" You began crying, trying not to break down. The person on the other line paused again.
"Miss _____. Your fiancé was severely wounded at the raid. We have scheduled a flight for you to the hospital he is at. The plane leaves at 8 PM tonight. We're sorry for your loss." With that, the phone clicked and there was no one on the other side.
You couldn't grasp it. "We're sorry for your loss..." No, he wasn't dead yet, though! You couldn't feel anything as you walked almost like a zombie to your room and sat down on your bed. On the bed-side table was a picture of Ludwig. You picked it up and stared at his face. His slicked back blonde hair and determined blue eyes. That was a picture of his last day home. He looked so strong to other people, but you know that really he was sad, and scared. You had been that day too, but he pretended to be strong for you. He promised he would be back, even if he thought he might not.
You clutched at the picture and began to sob. "P-please... please...God...." You sat there and cried as if the world was ending. "Please..." You thought you heard Ludwig's voice and looked up. "I-i'm coming... I'll be there soon..." You said tearfully.

It was the next morning at around 2 am. You had just arrived at the giant hospital that Ludwig was at. The trip to Germany had lasted for an eternity. You couldn't eat or sleep. All you could do is think about your wounded fiancé. There was a car provided for you to the hospital, so you drove there alone. Finally as you walked into the doors, you saw a large crowded roon. They all have wounded family too... you thought. It made you feel even worse. A nurse asked you for your name and led you to a small room. There he was inside, the love of your life. You sobbed when you saw him, not only from relief that he was alive, but also because you saw what had happened. His body was covered in burns and gashes, and his eyes were closed, darting back and forth like he was having a nightmare. You rushed to his side and began crying.

"L-ludwig! Can you hear me, sweetheart?! Please... just open your eyes, just open your eyes...please..." You said sobbing, your knuckles beginning to bleed from you gripping the bar so hard. There was a flicker of his eyelids and they opened a bit. "_-______" His voice came out, barely a whisper. "Oh God!" You grabbed his hand softly, trying not to hurt him. He smiled a bit beneath the respiratory mask. "I really have died, huh? There's an angel watching me." You shook your head violently. "Don't even joke like that, Ludwig! It's horrible!" He smiled at you more. "H-hey... don't cry. Listen...." He brought a feeble hand to your face, and you looked into his eyes. The shine was beginning to fade, but that strength that had always filled you with hope and courage still remained.

You clutched his hand and tried smiling for him. You knew this was it. You knew it. You knew you had to let his last vision be of you smiling. He pulled your face to his and kissed you one last time before whispering "Ich leibe dich." You tried to respond, but nothing would come out. Finaly, you choked out an "I love you" and felt his hand slip from yours.


It had been a week since Ludwig's death, and you were standing at his freshly sealed grave. From far away, you heard a stereo playing.
"I know some things that you don't.
    I've done things that you won't
    There's nothing like a trail of blood
    till you find your way back home..."

Life is Beautiful... you thought to yourself. It brought back the memories of why you had loved that song so much. It had been a rainy day about four years ago, and you had been sitting on the street, fresh from running from home. You were only 17 at the time. You heared someone whistling that song and looked up. There he was. The most perfect person you had ever met. He took you back to his place and had loved you even when the rest of the world wished you were dead. Three years after that, this person told you that he wanted to protect you, to never let go of you. That was the day Ludwig had proposed to you.

You clenched your fists and stared at the bright blue sky. "Life is beautiful?! Yeah, I sure wish it was..." You said, turning one last time from Ludwig's grave. "I love you... I'll see you soon." You whispered, your throat catching at every word. You began walking towards the road. The radio got closer and louder.
"I was waiting for my hearse.
    What I got was so much worse.
    It took a funeral
    to make me feel ALIVE!

You began to run, trying to escape the heartbreaking words of the song. Soon, you were in front of the river. You stared into it and began to go closer, inching towards the water, and to death as well.
"Just open your eyes!
    Just open your eyes,
    And see that life is beautiful!
    Will you swear on your life,
    That no one will cry,
    At my funeral....?"

You stopped at the foot of the river as the words reached you ears. You felt like you were being pulled from the water, back to safety and smiled, crying silently. "Okay, okay. I hear you Ludwig."
"Just open your eyes.
    Just open your eyes,
    And see that life is beautiful.
    Will you swear on your life,
    That no one will cry,
    At my funeral....?"

You took a deep breathe and closed your eyes. "I hear you." You opened your eyes and smiled again. "I'll stay. Life is beautiful. I'll stay. Just wait for me...."
:iconsadplz: I cried while I was writing this. Mostly because I kept listening to Life is Beautiful. I hope this wasn't too long or anything. And also that you liked it!
I own this fanfic, so don't be a copy-cat.
I do NOT, however, own you, Ludwig (Germay), Sixx AM, Life is Beautiful, or Camp Anoconda. That's all!
EDIT: To everyone who has read this, fav'd it, and commented, and everything, THANK YOU SO MUCH! :heart: This makes me feel really happy, since I wrote it while I was half asleep! (It seems that that's the best time to write things...?) Well, anyway, thanks again!
EDIT2: Here's the link for the new PREQUEL I just wrote!: [link]
EDIT3: ...O.e.... H-how... how can you guys even read this?!?! It's horrible?!?! AGGHHH YOU PEOPLE HAVE SUCH STRANGE TASTE!!! ((Aaaand this is why I can't re-read my own things....))
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I cried!!! Y did he have to leave???!!!  T^T

GoldenWingedAngel Mar 18, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I'm gonna cry.
So beautiful. ;u; I loved this!
:iconsadfaceplz: why did luddy have to die?
SassyAnimeGyrl15 Jun 7, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
wertyuinjkio. Sorry, I was wiping the tears from my keyboard. :( But all over all I really liked it, the last part of it at the very least.
Omg I'm crying so hard!!!!! :'( that was so good! It's so sad and omg in so sad!!!
2 words
Nuff said.
KittehLub May 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
i cant stop.. *sobs violently irl*
CorruptedVirus May 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
wordlefan May 1, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist

So sad <33333 I love that song ;A;
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